Bill Brown, Chairman

Bill was appointed to the Board on 21 October 2011 and became Chairman on 3 July 2012.  Bill is a chartered accountant with over 30 years’ experience in advising and investing in high growth smaller companies. Has floated several companies and has significant experience in fund raisings, corporate deals and restructurings.

He launched the first dedicated fund for AIM and was instrumental in the growth and internationalisation of AIM as a member and Chairman of the AIM Advisory Committee. He joined the Aortech Board in late 2011 and, having conducted a strategic review, concluded that despite the Company having outstanding technology, its business model would not succeed. Since then, the historic problems have been addressed and a strategy developed to monetise the core technology.

In addition to conducting and negotiating the resolution of the recent legal dispute, Bill has dealt with the licensing, commercial and IP issues gaining a detailed understanding of all of the Company’s projects and opportunities.

David Richmond, Chief Executive Officer

David Joined the board of AorTech International plc in June 2018 and became Chief Executive of RUA Life Sciences in April 2020 when he sold RUA Medical to the Group.

David is a 5th generation lace manufacturer in the family business Flemings Laces Ltd, founded in 1881. In 2000, Flemings Laces Ltd sold their glass fibre fabric business to Scott and Fyfe. David’s entrepreneurial spark enabled the founding of the current medical device business in 2004, with specialties in fabric manufacture. The RUA branding was borne out of David’s merchant navy career, where RUA was redhead David’s gaelic nickname ‘on the boats’. David has previously held the CTO role in Lombard Medical, and excels in bringing together business development with novel innovation.

John McKenna, Director of Clinical Marketing

John McKenna is a leading marketing expert in the field of cardiovascular devices. With over 30 years’ experience in cardiothoracic surgery, he has helped develop and launched a number of successful devices,  including heart valves, large vessel grafts and stents.

John has worked for a number of leading medical companies, including Pfizer, Vascutek (Terumo) and CryoLife, and has contacts with both leading heart surgeons and senior executives at the major device companies.

John rejoined the AorTech Board in late 2016, and has helped develop the product strategy based on his analysis of competing products and current market need from the industry.

He has established European-wide distribution networks for medical devices and OEM supply agreements, particularly in heart valve related products.

Gordon Wright, non-Executive Director

Gordon Wright has an extensive knowledge of the cardiovascular field having been involved in healthcare companies for over 30 years.  Gordon is one of the co-founders of AorTech as well as a number of other medical device businesses.

He was principal shareholder and managing director of BioMedical Systems Limited from 1979 to 1988 which developed and manufactured the Bioflo tissue valve, and of Ecosse Medical Limited from 1985 to 1988 which manufactured catheters for open heart surgery and PVC tubing for heart and lung machines.  Both these successful companies were sold in 1988 to 3M Health Care Limited.

Gordon further worked alongside the founders of St Jude Medical and ATS (now Medtronic) initially to manufacture their heart valves and to launch them in Europe, and he retains high level contacts in all the major device companies and with many leading heart surgeons.

Gordon has been on the Board since November 2005, but is considered by the Board to be independent.

John Ely, non-Executive Director, Heart Valve Expert

John is a recognised expert in cardiovascular devices and spent 7 years at the FDA, where he was responsible for a team that approved cardiovascular medical devices, including heart valves.  In industry, he has successfully managed the process of obtaining pre-market approvals for 6 heart valves, including both tissue and mechanical valves.

He has also led research and development, regulatory and quality assurance teams at Baxter International Inc., Edwards Lifesciences Corporation and On-X Life Technologies, Inc. John has authored over 25 scientific papers and is the named inventor on 3 US patents.

He was previously engaged as an expert witness in the area of heart valve design and development process, giving him an intimate knowledge of AorTech’s heart valve project.

Geoffrey Berg, non-Executive Director, Cardiovascular Expert

Geoff was formerly a consultant heart surgeon at the Golden Jubilee Hospital in Glasgow where he specialised in surgical treatment of valvular heart disease and was recognised as one of the leading surgeons in mitral valve repair and replacement.

He has authored a number of scientific papers on the treatment of heart disease and conducted studies into the long term performance of replacement heart valves. He has been involved in the early stage development of a number of cardiovascular devices, including a stentless animal tissue heart valve, and the launch of the only biological valved conduit. He is a recognised authority on stentless aortic valve surgery and has co-authored papers on stentless versus stented aortic valve insertions.