Frequently Asked Questions

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Elast-EonTM is a polyurethane with a 40% hard segment content and a mixed polyether/siloxane soft segment. It comes in pellet form. The pellets are colorless to yellowish and are soluble in THF, DMF and DMAc. Elast-EonTM polymers are used in biomedical applications. They have high biostability so they can be used for long term implantation.

Elast-EonTM Carbonate Silicone (ECSilTM) is a family of next generation biomedical polymers. ECSil™ is finding strong interest in cardiac pacing leads, orthopaedics, spinal discs, and generally any application where the device requires a very high level of mechanical performance. ECSilTM is soluble in both THF and DMAc; it is supplied in pellet form.

E-RIM is an adaptation of Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) for production of Elast-Eon in small medical device parts. The advantages include low-temperature rapid-processing, low injection pressures, long flow lengths, outstanding adhesion to substrates and bubble free parts.

Typically RUA Biomaterials assists its customers to move to the clinic as quickly and inexpensively as possible. We have a dedicated applications development team who regularly work in partnership with our existing customers to accelerate the development phase, through processing trials and data generation to support regulatory submissions.

RUA Biomaterials has, through a licence and supply agreement, all of its materials manufactured by Biomerics in the USA. In parallel Biomerics is now marketing RUA Life Sciences’s material to other medical device companies. Biomerics is a leading contract manufacturer and innovative polymer solutions provider for the medical device and biotech industries.

RUA Biomaterials works with customers, through its licensed partner Biomerics, to provide samples and move their device concepts forward to the clinic as quickly as possible. Part of this process is to license our patented technology on a field basis to the customer.