Best in Class Biostable Co-Polymer

Elast-EonTM polymers are now widely accepted as being the most biostable of all polyurethane materials and as such are being used in long term implantation.

Polyurethanes have been used in medical devices for decades due to their outstanding mechanical properties and ability to be readily thermally processed. The applications have only been limited by the poor biological stability of soft grades.

Silicone rubbers are widely used throughout the medical device industry and have been shown to have excellent biological performance. The application of these materials is limited by a lower level of mechanical performance and fewer processing options.

The ability to combine the advantageous properties of both materials in a single material was difficult to achieve due to vast incompatibility issues. Numerous research groups have tried to overcome this problem with a range of solutions.

After a decade of fundamental research Gunatillake et al found a method of synthesis of co-polymers of silicone macrodiols and polyurethanes, with very high levels of silicone.

These materials exhibit physical and mechanical performance equivalent to conventional polyurethanes and biological stability that surpasses rigid biostable polyurethanes. These materials are also readily thermally processed using conventional equipment and technologies.